OUR TIME is the fastest in all history


⁃ I need the fastest internet.
⁃ Excuse me, can you hurry? I am very late.
⁃ Why does it take so long to cook my food?
⁃ Why does it take so long to call back on my order? Why is it taking so long?
⁃ This job could have been done faster, dear!
⁃ Let's have a quick bite
⁃ Quickly. Expensive. Awesome.

Our time is the fastest in all history because for us to get something, we just need to order it.
     Need food? order via the Internet, no markets, queues, and heavy packages for you - they will do it for you. Need a repair - order it, and the very next day they will bring you wallpaper, plaster, paint, tiles ... you only need an hour of your time on the Internet.

The Internet has greatly simplified our life and made it many times faster. From this, our needs have grown, and the goals achieved, social conventions - to plant a tree, build a house, are achieved much faster than before and are left in a position of uncertainty, about what it strives for next. Many bloggers are already earning millions, buying apartments, and traveling around the world, they will go through the social path (house, family, child) even faster than we do. It became easier to earn money, it became easier to get food, it became more accessible to be treated, and it became easier to live.
     Probably, the most difficult experiences that a modern person experiences are dissatisfaction with himself, and whims. We protect ourselves from difficulties in this simple life so much that any difficulty begins to cause irritation, embarrassment, and anger, although it can be an absolute trifle, on the scale of our cloudless comfortable world - a whole personal disaster.

I am afraid of this simplification, I am afraid that in a world where we no longer need to make efforts to solve everyday issues, we do not transfer these efforts to other areas of our life, but simplify them along with evolution.

No need to queue for an hour at the bank to make a money transfer, no need to call the airport for hours to order a ticket, no need to go to the telegraph office to send a message, what do we do in these free hours?

Surfing the Internet? Watching as many courses, lectures, and master classes as possible? For what? to know everything superficially? Be on the topic? At the cutting edge of the attack?

For the first time in history, the world gives us so much time for self-development, for comprehending complex things, but we do not want difficulties...

We create publics, YouTube channels, and profiles to make it easier to talk about complex things, and most importantly, faster...
     After 12 years in design, I am trying to learn as much as possible about it, to comprehend the metaphysics of design, I read the works of philosophers and researchers of institutes, while on the Internet I see this - “why do we need designers with their design? Don't worry, this is not a philosophy lesson. I'll explain now." Yes, how so? Why not a lesson in philosophy, when the question directly relates us to a philosophical treatise, but what is design? And answering, in terms of philosophy, we would say that design is an event.

But it’s difficult, it’s much easier to choose what kind of pancakes you are today or look at the everyday life of a vlogger, although his life is essentially not much different from yours.
      Is it really the time that life gives us that we want to live so superficially? Not to know the pleasure of heated debates about the causes and consequences of Anna Karenina, not to defend Nabokov to the point of hoarseness? Don’t we really want to burn with something significant for us, with which we wake up and fall asleep every day, with our favorite author, director, our project, art, cooking ... So that everything in life matters, and not just fast-flying information in a ribbon of a glowing smartphone.

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