Elena prefers to work on complex tasks and large interfaces. She is concerned about working with fonts and space, in her opinion this is the basis of design aesthetics.

She likes working on complex interfaces remaking the user's path in a more convenient and native way instead of the usual one, thereby departing from the standards and trying to create a new user's experience.

She worked with clients such as Yota, Megafon, Lamoda, Finance Group Otkritie, BCS Group, Kaspersky, Rusonyx, AIIA, Vigbo, 21Shop, Koffein, Tanuki&Ersh, Bronnitsky Jeweler, Tomatdesign, ONY, Digital October (dept.NPTV), Vintage Ukraine & more.

At the moment Elena teaches «Visual Design» on the Educational Platform «Soft Culture», creates new products as a maker in The Chayka shop and helps companies to build websites and user experience with their customers.
Elena Saharova - Visual Designer, Art Director, Lecturer, and Creative. Born in Altai, living and working in Moscow.
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Excellent Branding Identity 2
Hightone Publishing Ltd. of Guangzhou
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Artpower International Publish Co., Ltd. of Hong Kong
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