ELENA SAHAROVA is a digital designer and advisor, designing user interfaces and human-computer interaction, product design, ux design, and all other experiences since 2008. I have been featured in asian books [6], magazines [>20], various awards [56] and exhibition [1]. 

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︎    We have depersonalized design by subjecting it to things like a culture of imitation and pseudoscience-based metrics.

︎    Any work should carry meaning, identify the anxiety, the question we ask ourselves, and its answer.

︎    A designer who’s embracing the postmodern cultural strategy to renew everything is essentially trying to eliminate the boredom that is growing within our civilization.

︎   Functional, brave, bold, authentic, and honest. This is how design should be in the era of metamodernism.

︎    Our daily activities should be based on the culture of thoughts and, as a result, the culture of creativity.

︎    With concept, image, message, and performance at the core.