ELENA SAHAROVA is a digital designer and advisor, designing user interfaces and human-computer interaction, product design, ux design, and all other experiences since 2008. I have been featured in asian books [6], magazines [>20], various awards [56], and exhibition [1]. 


I've been designing for over 12+ years, I've been working with user interfaces and websites for over 8 years. I designed different interfaces such as apps for smart TV and tablet, and also traditional interfaces like mobile apps and websites.

But besides interfaces, I also love visual design. I often participate in design competitions and festivals, as well as being a jury on Awwwards.com and I was a visiting teacher at the British School of Design in Moscow.

Also, my work has been included in books about Asia Pacific Design in Kong Kong for 5 years, making me very proud.

One of my last graphic work was the stylization of 60 portraits of the theater troupe of the Kulturhuset Theater in Stockholm, these portraits are now used for theatrical announcements and hang in the theater lobby.

I'm always looking for products that can implement both of these sides, visual design, and interface design.

I really like to build users flow and generate ideas of how people can achieve the target action in different ways, how differently as a designer I can lead them hand in hand, somewhere giving freedom of choice, and somewhere limiting to an ultimatum, using not only logic tools but also visual manipulations.


I’m Lena. Designer since 2008. Born and raised in Russia. School years for me were a time of arthouse, walks along abandoned research institutes, online diaries, poems, and teenage tragedies.

I started working quite early, still in school, and my family did not have much money to properly provide for a teenager. From the age of 14, I did all sorts of side hustles jobs, like delivering newspapers to mailboxes and posting ads.

After graduating from college, I began to work in my specialty while studying at the university. Since 2008, my endless series of jobs has begun. By 2018, there were 29 of them, and then I finally thought "What is wrong with me?"

At that moment, I realized that climbing the career ladder and corporate culture doesn’t inspire me. My inspiration is only what I produce, this is directly my work. And I need people who will help me with this, and not interfere because of the corporate struggle. I liked to create, I liked to decide, to interact, but the protest spoke up in me. I didn’t like the rules of communication between people within the companies, I didn’t like the fact that I change depending on the values of the team, because one way or another you adapt to your habitat. I didn't like that I began to play by their rules and not by mine.

So, since 2019, I have been an independent specialist who, desperately, needs a vacation four times a year. I practice qigong and love meditation practices, and I also try to read more and be less on social media.

Now, I continue to learn more about myself, especially through my personal projects and art.


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Behance Russian Top 5

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