Mobile   November, 2021


Since 2015, I've had this pet project swirling in my mind. Traveling through various countries and exploring different cities, I often found myself pondering how much of each city I'd actually seen and experienced. For me, truly understanding a city means walking through its streets—not just glimpsing it from public transport, a car, or a train. Walking allows you to feel the city, to connect with it, and to imprint it on your soul, one step at a time.

Toptop is a straightforward tracker app designed to display statistics of your urban walks. It helps you visualize what percentage of the city's streets you've covered, turning your explorations into a personal map of discovery.

I first toyed with a similar idea back in 2017, but it got bogged down with unnecessary social features. In 2021, I decided to strip it back to the core concept: walking and complited your map.

In Collaboration with Julia Potato, Anastasia Kucherenko

Elena Saharova /